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Food is the duel switch for human health. It breaks as well as makes one's health. A complete Nutrition guidance along with a detailed diet plan (food item, time and quantity) is given as a part of therapy to the patient suffering from common cold to cancer ailment.

Yoga therapy

An exercise to Body-Mind-Spirit is the quick, joint and maintenance remedy in all types of health conditions/ailments. A specific and necessary Yoga exercises

(Meditation, Pranayam, Shakti Bandh & Asanas, Yoga nidra)  are suggested and training given to the patient as per their requirement and physical ability.

Herbal Medicines

No single stream of medicine is complete in it's own sense as far as cure, treatment and prevention is concerned. Herbal medicines are suggested if necessary as an alternative and/or joint medication. 
Strict instructions of its dosage, quantity, brand and administration is prescribed.

Our Specialisation


Post-Natal Diet

& Exercise

Child Obesity

Pre-Natal Diet

& Exercise

Menopause & PMS / PCOD


Thyroid Disorder


Lifestyle Disorder


High Cholesterol


Diet Management

for Cancer patients

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